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Acasia Rochelle Lee died October 18, 2012 as the result of a car accident in Bovina, MS. Acasia was a new driver who had just weeks before received her driver’s license. Like many other teenagers, Acasia was full of life, popular, and active in her school, church, and community.
Seatbelt Awareness. BUCKLE UP!
Our mission is to provide support and awareness within our community,
especially to teen drivers, on seatbelt safety and the importance of driving
responsibly by providing effective information, encouraging pro-life decisions
when driving, partnering with other organizations and individuals with similar
missions to broaden our band, and to consciously make stern decisions within
our own households to teach and practice safe driving habits.
We are always on duty to ensure our children are aware and are practicing safe driving habits (especially seatbelt safety); keeping alive the legacy of our statutes and the purposes for which they were established; and preserving the lives and futures of our youth who are the leaders of tomorrow. A change has to come by making sure that there is a tomorrow for our children who are here today by driving safely and BUCKLING UP!!

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